What other in-game features do you think would help fashion collectors enjoy the game?What other in-game features do you think would help fashion collectors enjoy the game?

Definitely more storage options. Extended void storage or an extra bag slot in our banks. Wowhead/AtlasLoot and MogIt already takes care of the search and preview features that collectors might need, and right now I don’t really feel like I lack anything that would make my collecting much easier.

Adding more phased-out gear that is no longer available to players, such as the aforemented Necro-Knight’s Garb, to the replica vendors at the Darkmoon Faire would be a very welcome addition, though. Also for me personally, I would love to see the new and improved dress “skeletons” added to the player itembase. The Royal Handmaidens in Well of Eternity sport shorter dresses with outstanding detail. Enabling players to wear armor/items like that instead of just pasting the texture onto our legs and “folding” them out to cover the space in between would open up a lot of possibilities for new outfits. Armor changing your character model is already commonplace amongst gloves and boots, as well as some belts, so why not allow the chest armors to accentuate your character model as well instead of just texturizing what’s already there?

How does creating and collecting different outfits in game tie in with roleplaying? Any crossover there?There’s definitely a link. I don’t play on a roleplaying server, but even so we do find that we have a lot more fun in game by speaking in character, even if it concerns out-of-game issues (such as adding on a troll accent to whatever I say, or referring to people via their in-game characteristics rather than their real-life ones, even if speaking about their real persona). A lot of my guildies have put on impressive or really fun transmogs, ranging all the way from platekinis to low-level, gray-looking gear to pig farmers and bakers. I doubt we would have as much fun as we do when just chilling out and talking without our different transmogs.