Wishes for EverQuest III – Pt. 2Wishes for EverQuest III – Pt. 2


MMORPG.com writer Phil James takes some time this week to tackle the idea of an EverQuest III and what he’d want to see done with the world of Norrath.

When thinking about my ideal sequel to Everquest, a lot of consideration has gone into my characters. After all, I am going to be spending a lot of time looking at them and clicking their abilities. So here is my (occasionally unrealistic) character wish list for EQIII.

The world of Norrath already has an impressive number of playable races. Usually once you have selected your race, you enter the world and you get the same experience as everyone else. People start in the same areas and do the same quests regardless of their background.

Back in the day when EQII was new, we all started out as poor wretches left homeless by the shattering of the world. We were rescued and taken by boat to the Isle of Refuge where we earned our place in the new society. This idea has fallen by the wayside, the boat part doesn’t even exist now and the starter islands are soon for the chop too. I miss the origin story, and would like it to return as it adds lots of flavour and creates great memories. Dragon Age has several origin stories for you to play through depending on your race/class, and EQIII could borrow from this.