Witch Doctors are ranged and they summon pets to fight

Wizards are one of the most popular ranged classes thanks to their powerful area/single target damage skills and escape skills. Their resource is Arcane and their skills are fast and extremely powerful. Wizards were over powered in Beta and saw several changes over beta patches which nerved them over time. They do not run out of Arcane easily, so if you like playing a non-stop action class, this is the perfect class. Witch Doctors are ranged and they summon pets to fight for them. Their resource is Mana that automatically regenerates. They can summon pets that fight and tank damage while Witch Doctors can stand back and nuke. They have some of the best single target skills in game as well as area skills with status effects. One of the key features of Witch Doctors is their crowd control skills. This makes them another must have class for power leveling and rare farming expeditions.

Demon Hunters are ranged classes with a unique resource system. They have two resource pools – Hatred and Discipline. Hatred is used for powerful damage and is generated over time as you use Hatred generator skills. Discipline is used for survival, escape, and tactics that allow you to deal with mobs and thus control crowd. Demon Hunters can dual wield and also get a special set of armors that only Demon Hunters can equip. Two handed bows and stronger, but so are one handed bows or cross bows with Quiver in the off hand. As a Demon Hunter, you can always try to balance between attack damage and attack speed.

The idea is to get to the difficult modes. But let’s face it, getting to the Inferno level will be too much for other players, especially for casual Diablo 3 gamers. The last two tiers of the game are the most profitable, and those two should be your goals. There are basically two ways to earn gold in Diablo 3; the first one is through farming, while the second one is through trading and profiteering. Here are some basic ways to better your chances in getting and saving up more Diablo 3 gold coins in your stash. Take advantage of every special secrets disclosed by a fellow player who has given himself away to better the experience of others gamers playing for Diablo 3 gold in the game Diablo 3. 

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