WOW Brewfest Achievements

It doesn’t take a lot to achieve being drunk in WoW, but it does to get all of these achievements!

Here is a list of all the achievements and how to do each one. Remember that you have only the two weeks to get them down.

Direbrewfest: Kill Coren Direbrew. Pretty simple, right? That’s all you have to do. See our guide below on how to do that.
Disturbing the Peace: Wear 3 pieces (the whole set) of the Brewfest gear and /dance in Dalaran. It’ll cost 350 tokens to get this achievement done.
Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?: Obtain a Wolpertinger! See our quest list to see how to snag one of these pets up.
Down With The Dark Iron: Just turn in the Dark Iron Event quest. See our Misc section on how to deal with those pesky dwarves.
Drunken Stuper: Fall 65 yards while drunk. Wow Gold Have you down the regular falling achievement yet? Repeat that, but while completely smashed (as drunk as you can get). Druids/Rogues can use their passive fall damage decreasing abilities to breeze through this and anything that makes you immune to damage (fall damage) works. Just can’t slow fall or flight form halfway down.
Strange Brew: Drink all of the booze sold from the vendors at Brewfest. Huge list of em, but easy and not that costly.
The Brewfest Diet: Same thing as Strange Brew, except it’s for food. The pretzels and onion cheese are on a different vendor than the sausages.
Have Keg, Will Travel: Use Brewfest Hops to turn your mount into a festive one (2 tokens) or get a mount drop off of ‘ol Direbrew.
Brew of the Year: This one doesn’t count for the meta achievement. Drink all 12 different brews throughout the year to earn this one. They’re mailed to you.
Brew of the Month: 200 tokens will enter you into the Brew of the Month club which earns this achievement. Combined with Disturbing the Peace (350) and Have Keg, Will Travel (2) you’ll need 552 tokens to get all token based achievements.
Brewmaster: Gives you a title. Just need all of the above achievements.