Wow Calculating Block Rating

As you can see, the block % is not as high, but the block amount is much higher.  The first thing we will do is calculate a block rating for each shield, which tells us the average amount of damage a shield blocks with each hit.  To do so, we simply get the average block amount(blockamt1+blockamt2)/2 and multiply it by the chance to block. So for each shield we have:

Stormshield Block Rating =  1049.44 = (2800+3759)/2 * 0.32
Sacred Shield Block Rating =  1219.74 = (3706+4706)/2 * 0.29

So on average, the sacred shield nullifies 170.3 more damage per hit than the stormshield.  So, its true that we aren’t factoring in the other stats from stormshield yet, but what happens when we factor in +% block items?  Let’s add helm of command and a justice lantern into the mix for an additional 19% block.

Stormshield Block Rating =  1672.54 = (2800+3759)/2 * 0.51
Sacred Shield Block Rating =  2018.88 = (3706+4706)/2 * 0.48

As you can see, the difference has grown to 346.33 more damage per hit blocked than stormshield.  So if you can get a sacred shield with the same stats as the stormshield, it would be a clear pick to go with the sacred shield. 

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