WoW commendation NPCs not going anywhere

Inthe lighter side of news, inquiries to whether commendation NPCs (whosepurpose you’d probably have pondered at one time or another) should beremoved from the World of Warcraft realms or not were responded to with a resounding no. New Blizzard community manager Bornakkclaimed that despite their imposing annoyance to certain players forvaried reasons, there were no plans to remove such NPCs from the game:

We made sure that these NPCs were properly trained not to bite anybodypassing by or talking to them. No reports have come in to say that theyhave broken this (so far), so we are fine leaving them in the game forthe time being to help anybody they can.

Bornakk’sresponse was followed with a good share of reasons why the NPCs shouldbe removed, such as apparent confusion with newcomers as to the NPCs’actual purpose as well as a decaying provision of commendations to turnin. Players of the original World of Warcraft content, denizens in Azeroth, may continue to find a use with commendation NPCs, however.

Butthere are a few players in Outlands that have yet to turn in theircollection of commendations, so the concern over the NPCs having no useis arguable. In the end, it does play down to cautious approaches forthe unforeseen. After all, it’s better to have it and not need it, thanto need it and not have it. 

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