WOW Rare Sacred Shields are better than the Best Stormshields

This guide is no longer valid because stormshields were upgraded to i63, and not many people use shields anymore.

Update! I’ve added a calculator here that you can use to determine which of your shields is better with your given stats.

There seems to be a lot of confusion on to what makes a shield godly. People will wear shields with really low block(10%) just because it has good stats.  People will pay 60+ million for a “good” stats stormshield, but pass up a superior sacred shield for a tenth of the price.

This is totally wrong.  The most important things on shield is the block amount and block rate, everything else can take a backburner to these two. You should be concerned with getting these as high as possible before maximizing any other stats.  Other stats are important as we will see later, and can actually be better than these two stats, but that is a general rule to follow. You can use the shield mitigation calculator to see which shield is better for you.

It is important to note that block amount stays the same on the shield type of the same item level.  The shields we want are item level 63.  Shield block chance varies between 10-20% for each shield.  Then there can be a modifier that spawns on the shield that gives it an additional 8-9% block. This is the key stat you will need to look at when shopping for sacred shields. 

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