WOW saves boy and his sister

Actually it’s not amazing at all. It’s just wow-fanboism at work… people used to taunt wild animals for both good and bad reasons as well as feign death when encountering them (mostly mentioned with bears) in the past as well… before warcraft even existed. And suddenly thats a wow-skill ? well, my bad, my dad used to fish before, I had no idea he played wow, but since he knows of the fishing skill, he must be a player, right ? I mean, how else would he knew D: ?

…Other then that, the article is great and we would never have heard of it here if it wasn’t for a fanboy who confused it to WOW-clone. I guess reality is a wow-clone too now.

It’s all dragged out, if the boy never played wow, he probably would have done the same. WoW had nothing to do with it and who ever came up with that thought it was cool or something… even if it’s the kid.
playing dead does work on a lot of animals because it makes them lose interest. just be careful about the ones that do eat a lot of meat. you don’t want to play dead on those.

the kid said he realized it from playing WoW which is why the story says it saved them. these unfortunately go unmentioned while the ones that supposedly cause harm are brought forth because people want to see what is wrong in the world. not what is right.
It sounds too dragged out… I don’t buy it. The kid could say that crap himself cause he thought it would be cool, but I didn’t hear a single word from that kid. So any ass could just whatever he felt like. It’s probably true that the kid played wow tho… but seriously, he wouldn’t know for that if it wasn’t for wow ? are you serious ?
Did you know about fishing before wow ? I didn’t D:

I guess it’s a good thing the kid didn’t just let the animal eat him and look for the spirit-master later to revive himself.

Journalism is filled with crap anyway… 80% of bad-news regarding games are dragged out as much as possible… why would I consider this as different ? “Cause I want to” – is the answer. 

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