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You will find two traders by the name of Scavvo and and Valaine. Scavvo owns a little “toy store” and guess what the toys are; Rune armour of course! Valaine runes the Shop of Champions and you will be able to purchase some items from her as well as sell her items at general store prices.This is where you come to fight when you get a duel challenge from any particular race champion. Speak with Larxus and show him your challenge scroll to get started.Around the edges of the arena are sat the “Champion of Champions”. These champions of champions will only challenge you after you have fought ALL of the lower champions. The lower champions are far too low to have seats in the arena, but will challenge you when you have made yourself known as an enemy of their race.

While fighting your way across RuneScape you may find a message from one of the champions challenging you to a duel. These duels take place with very strict rules which you will have to obey, so think carefully before accepting the fight! On the northern wall, once you have defeated a champion that champion’s banner will appear. The more champions you defeat the more banners will be displayed until you have defeated all 10 champions.Want to know how to easily access all the F2P guilds in runescape (cooking, mining, champions, runecrafting, prayer and crafting)? Read about the fastest way to gain access to the guilds by training your skills smartly.

First before you , read all the advice offered to access guilds you must realise what a guild actually is. After continuous training of a skill, it may become boring and difficult to train. The guilds for each skill help the high-lvl player to attain xp faster. This is because almost all the necessary facilities for the skill can be found within the guild of the corresponding skill.The easiest of all the guilds to access is the cooking guild. This is because cooking is an extremely easy skill to train and you only need lvl32 incooking to be allowed in. But to make it easy, the player must know what to cook. Generally seafood like herring, trout, pike, sardine and salmon are among the best choices for cooking lvls under 32. 

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